Crime and Punishment in Bay Village, OH

Following the Michael Brown tragedy, people have been talking a lot about privilege.
Well, folks, this video is what the voice of privilege looks/sounds like when the speaker thinks only the like-minded are in the room.  The voices who see themselves as physically, financially, racially, mentally superior. Those

Fear, Courage, and Poetry

Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell, the creators of The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School, have designed the coolest image to go with my poem Fear Factor.  It is just the right resource for sharing poetry throughout the year.

They have also given me permission to share the Take 5 lesson

Back to School Poem Handout for Middle School

What follows is a rip off, plain and simple.  Michael White, whoever you are, there are copyright laws written to prevent you doing exactly what you did, copy my poems and put them on the internet.
That said, I kind of like your discussion questions, if they are indeed discussion questions.  I like the

Vacation Poem and Reflections

“Granana, do you think we will ever take that vacation again?”

I was tucking 9 year-old Thomas into bed at home after our road trip that had taken him, his two brothers Ben (14) and Danny (10), me and Michael to

A Cause and Effect Poem: Cooperation

Lurking on #IRAChat about cause and effect, I thought of this poem.
Cause and effect brings its consequences from world politics (you kill my people, I hate you and do my best to kill your people), to Main Street (you cheat me, I don’t return to your store) right home to

Creative Grades

Creative Grades

Creative does,

‘though not what’s told,

a student

who is not enrolled

in graduated, chaptered classes,

where mindful competition passes

for excellence.

His recompense

is not achieved

by others brandishing respect.


Poem for Last Days of School

©2010 Sara Holbrook, Zombies! Evacuate the School!

All Rights Reserved Boyds Mills Press


It’s not the last day. It’s not the first. It’s not the 100th, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even crazy sock day. Everyone

A Graduation Poem: Stepping Out

I wrote this poem for my daughter Kelly’s graduation from Bay Village High School.  At the time, I was working as the Public Information Officer for the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (as I explain in the video) in inner city Cleveland and living in Bay Village, OH.  Everyday was a lesson in a term that

Democracy Democracy: Toilet Paper and Mud Wrestling

This is kind of a cool thing for a poet; the word “democracy”
is trending on my blog stats.  I rarely
look at these things, but last week with a little too much time on my hands, I
clicked on “keyword activity” on my blog stats and up popped

Finding Voice in Writing: A Dialogue

“If you come to my country, you got
to understand my language if you want to communicate.” By his own estimation,
the man spoke three languages: the projects,housing authority executive, and

Ronnie Davis was my boss at the
Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), he the