Heads Up Publications and By Definition: Poems of Feelings

Why are you doing that?

No one else does it that way.

What’s the matter with you?

Creative people don’t like to be told what to do. We can be
annoying. Distracted. Non-compliant. Misfits, who at our worst clog systems and
at our

Sweet (Ah-choo) Mysteries of Life

Ah-choo!  Sweet
mystery of sneeze, at last I’ve found thee

Ah-choo!  I know at
last the secret of it all

All the sniffing, coughing, dripping, swelling, burning

The sneezing chokes and tissues that are fall.


Day seven of my personal poetry challenge.  Just to see, you know.  If I could.  And as of 6PM tonight, things weren’t looking good.  Here’s the deal about creative work, there are ALWAYS other things to do. More pressing things, gardens and laundry and dinner and clean up and forever and

The Walk

Sometimes it takes binoculars to look at the up-close and find something new.  Suzi and I make this walk everyday.  But here I am on day six of my 7 day challenge and in looking for something outside of myself to write about, I decided to change my point to view to someone else’s.

Thinking Small

“The more specific your story, the more universal the message.”  I’m not sure who said that first, but it is one of those truisms that keeps me revising and revising — always for more detail.
In lots of areas we are told to THINK BIG and THE SKY’S THE LIMIT, but in

Doppler Effects

And this was not the worst of it.  This was just what was still in the skies at 4AM this morning.  It is almost cheating to fall back on writing about the weather, but jeez louise, what a night!





The Ride

The Ride

you’ve climbed the hill

to see
the view,

slid down the other side,

you’ve skinned both knees,


cracked your helmet twice,

you’ve tasted the rush

passing through

front, behind, beside,



Day 2 of my week long personal poetry challenge.

Let me just point out that this is not poetry month.  It is not write a novel in a month month, and it is not even the week taxes are due, which historically has been a

Writing from the Outside In

There are no less than six books titled Writing from the
Inside Out, probably more.  The phrase is
so universally accepted, it’s almost embarrassing to raise my hand and say,
Yeah, but . . .

Yeah, but that’s not the way I write.  My writing process goes