Featured Poem for January

Taking It To the Next Level

I came from --

I’ve been to --

and still haven’t arrived.

I’m headed --

   restricted --

      conflicted --


both eyes open wide.

I’m not on my own,

but still feel alone,

numbing out

most of the time.

Not lookin’ alive

my external drive

is running a little slow.

I know.

Tomorrow (shhh) whispers,

the past points and shouts,

both telling me where I must go.

Each day is a choice.

I’m tuning my voice

in private,

to star in

my personal show.

I’m warning you, Jack

you better jump back

when I finally

start to crow.

A wise philosopher (Cher?) once said that “everyday’s a new audition.”  That’s a lot of pressure!

And no time is that more evident than January 1, when we resolve something or other starting with the new year. 

In the writing and the reading, poetry gives me pause. To others I may appear motionless, but the truth is, I'm just tuning my voice.

Watch out, 2015.

© sara holbrook 2014