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I thought about exercising today, but I didn’t get rolling. I thought I woke up with a head cold, but it never really took control. I thought about reading Don Quixote, but I didn’t get to it. I thought about cleaning the kitchen, but — same story. Maybe I just needed


I’ve been thinking about this word for three days. I saw it in an article in a magazine and have since composed at least three maybe decent but different poems about the word “watchful.” None of these musings did I write down. All the words are now lost. Except the one

Chapter 3 Don Quixote

I’m thinking that I don’t want to make a separate blog entry for every chapter, but truly, this reading is so complex that my eyes tend to glaze over before I reach the end of the sentence. I need to incorporate comprehension strategies I’ve learned from strategies that Work and other books. I’m

NCTE When Teachers Convene

When teachers convene, the subject is books. The writing, reading, sharing, politics, philosophies of books. The passing conversations in the hallways, the talk over dinner, the convention exhibitors and sessions are all about books, how to make them happen, which are the best and how do we get more people to grow into,

Chapter 2 Don Quixote

Cervantes seems to be telling this story with a wink. Our hero is wearing a patched up helmet held on with green ribbons tied in impossible knots, can this be anything but comical? Quixote mounts his steed and leaves from the back door of his yard on the road to his first day

Joining the ranks of struggling readers

Here’s a challenge. Michael and I received a dinner invite for next April in the mail this week. Why so far in advance? There is a requirement for the dinner, we must have read Don Quixote, the original by Cervantes who, I found out in the fine print, died on the same

this is the gig

Today started with aerobics to get the blood pumping. A short family visit, trip to the store and home to sit in a leather chair by the fire, laptop humming to work on the new book.
This is it. Days and weeks away from home for a few days like these. Ahh.

Math Tanka 

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