Shanghai American School, Pu Dong

A normal school day. Or so it would seem. Up at 6AM, shower, eat breakfast as fast as possible and catch the bus. Looking out the window however (at everything except the traffic, see previous post) not much seems normal to me. First of all, it’s cold, Fahrenheit or Celsius, however

Arriving in China

Imagine a city with the population of the State of Ohio. Forget it. You can’t imagine it. Even when you see it, you can’t imagine it. Now that I am home, I have trouble believing all that I saw. But you know what came through amazingly clear? The people

A construction wall appropriate since all of Shanghai seems to be under construction! 

“Evil travels in a straight line” Ancient Chinese saying — which is why the bridges are arched and the path leading to this ancient home is zig zagged. Love that phrase, evil travels in a straight line. Boy, does it. 

Dedicated teachers from Afghanistan. 

News from Afghanistan

The TARA conference sponsored two teachers from Afghanistan to attend. The challenges they described were overwhelming. Lack of electricity, working facilities and low funding all caused by continuing wars in the region. The limited number of trained teachers are working to instruct “trainers” who in turn instruct “mentors” who are the ones

Ride ’em cowboy

Chasing camels in the desert in a hotel minivan hardly qualifies as adventure in the National Geographic sense. However, when it leads to actually petting one and exchanging smiles with his handler, that’s pretty adventurous for a poet from Cleveland.
A visit to the Oil museum shows that this barren area was

One patient camel. 

Tree of Life 


I am in Shanghai, woefully behind in chronically my trip. The weird thing is, I can post from China, but I cannot read my blog. It is blocked. So, forgive me for any typos.
I had such a fulfilling experience at the Arabian Reading Association meeting. Again, I was struck by the commonalities. So many

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