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Worm Food

Last July I bought an indoor worm composting system from Worm Firm. Not just any worms, mind you, red wigglers, the Rolls Royce of worms. And fat and juicy looking squirmlies they are. It quickly became apparent that we had so many kitchen scraps, we would need two bins, so I bought another. We

Kazakhstan Travel Plans

Kazakhstan lies in the north of the central Asian republics and is bounded by Russia in the north, China in the east, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in the south, and the Caspian Sea and part of Turkmenistan in the west. It has almost 1,177 mi (1,894 km) of coastline on the Caspian Sea. Kazakhstan is about


And there we are. Left to right: Scottie (aka Scooter), Stephie, Thomas, Sara Kelly, Sara Ellen, Danny, Ben. Ready — Swing! A little unsure. Holding on. A lot to be thankful for this year.
I’ve read a lot of articles about people boycotting thanksgiving because of the dastardly acts the settlers committed against indigenous peoples,

NCTE Middle School Mosaic

Thirteen minutes. That’s the time Kylene Beers allotted for poetry during the 2.5 hour event at NCTE in NYC this year. Thirteen and a guillotine was to descend at 14. I can’t explain how much I obsessed about this time limit. I made power point slides for a read along. I deleted them. I

Things to do to avoid writing . . .

Get a snack. This is a long list.

Starting with: Get a snack. Walk the dog. Stare out the window. Play solitaire. Knit something that is destined to fit no one. Crochet a cover to fit a tennis ball. Mend socks. Swim. Read a magazine about something you already know

Democracy: the votes are in

Carolyn Bucey finished off her slimy opponent Bill Snow with a knock out punch of truth and we won. Not only that council seat, but two others, also. It was a sweep of local proportions.
A commenter on my last post suggested I name names, so here we go. Our neighborhood was unhappy with our

This is what democracy looks like

It’s people meeting at one house in the neighborhood at 9:00AM on a Saturday morning to pass out literature. The smell of coffee from one of those 30 cup stainless towers. A plate of coffee cake cut in 2 inch squares. It’s pulling your scarf up over your mouth and snugging on a hat and

A First in Performance Poetry

Stephie is Katie’s daughter and like her mother, she likes being first. She likes to walk first when we go to the woods or the beach. She likes to cartwheel the fastest and swing the highest. Stephie loves first grade.
Her teacher has a great plan for helping kids with reading — every week

Travel dreams

It was a big event in my life when the National Geographic came every month. I can’t recall ever seeing my mother reading one, or my dad. I suppose they did, or maybe the subscription was just something they did for the kids. I didn’t come home from school to video games or online

jack kerouac’s words turn 50

I never liked the man. Personally, I think the beat poets were a self-absorbed lot both in their writing and their lives. Pumped on drugs, alcohol, and their own selfishness — the myth surrounding the beats collective genius still makes it hard for a sober female to be taken seriously. These words are spoken