Kid friendly airport in Taiwan!

Check out the Hello Kitty lounge for girls and the video game lounge for boys. Please also ch
eck out how calmly the kids are playing. We have been traveling 20 + hours and have 4 or 5 more to go — if we totally understood the time changes, it would make calculating

Poetry to Go

I forget when I first dreamed of being a writer. I’ve always being a note taker. One of my earliest writing recollections was when the principal came over the loud speaker while I was in math class and announced that President Kennedy had been shot. This was before there was a TV in every classroom

Gambling on health care

“How much does this CAT scan cost?” I asked the lady with the clipboard. “I have no idea. Please complete the form on both sides.”“I mean an idea. Ball park. Say if I didn’t have insurance.”“Don’t forget to sign and date the form. I really don’t know.”“Oh.”“How much does this cost?”

Abai and Aitys

“A clock is a ticking thief
stealing life daily, taking it unnoticed,
so that without love and constancy
life is nonetheless just fleeting deception.”


Do you think now that (for the most part) we have taken the tick out of clocks and replaced the relentless

Kazakhstan, the marketplace

At the open air market place, some vendors keep candles in their vegetable cases to keep the cucumbers from freezing. That’s how cold it is. Imagine doing your marketing outdoors at minus 20F. We did visit a couple of modern malls, but couldn’t afford anything there. In fact it was at the Green Market,

Traveling through Kazakhstan with Lenin

Alamty, Kazakhstan does not have soft edges. It is not warm and fuzzy. The sharp air that pinches the nose matches the looks from strangers pushing in line and the spike heels on the women’s boots. The straight lines of the Soviet style high rises are persistently drab in a public housing

Amaty Literacy Festival

This was a fun two days. Teachers from five locations in Central Asia were in attendance, some coming in on delayed flights and others after their bus was hung up at the border. Conference coordinator Maura Martin had requested that we bring coffee for the start of the conference. Coffee? Isn’t that a staple found

Arriving in Kazakhstan

Inside the airport a gray mist hovers, gathering in intensity toward the vaulted ceiling. It is -30C/-2F outside and dark outside with few lights and no moon to reflect on the snow when we land at 5:30AM. The first person we are greeted by is a fellow in a soviet style wool grey uniform with


Packing the suitcases, weighing out what’s most important, repacking. Taking Starbucks to the teachers in Almaty and books and more books. More books. Can I get by with two pairs of shoes? The official list posted on the fridge. We notice Max put his name there, as if we would go to Capital University,

Ode to the Mosquito of January 2008

Oh lone mosquitofor whom love is but remote,your translucent wings have brought you hereby some mistake.By whose warm butmisguided invitation have youcome to visit my bedroom onthis January night?Poised as you are beneath my lightI ponder your presenceknowing not where you are ought to bein dead of winter.Is it winter?The temperature today stretched itsmercurial arms

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