Along for the ride

It’s nobody’s job to shut the doors on the train speeding from Marakech to Fez in Morocco. Cars do-si-do, in a rhythmic two-step, doors wide open to the rush.
It’s someone’s job to punch the tickets, and another’s job sell the snacks, while four people claim jobs teachers, they are really touts,

You are Welcome in Marrakech

This is Morocco — food and frenzy. Everywhere “we are welcome,” which generally means, do you want to buy? We were met at the airport by our hosts in Rabat, and after a relaxing two hour lunch, wandered the medina where Cynthia helped to introduce us to the culture before we took off

Outside of the box

All December we were boxed in — by the weather and by deadlines. Three deadlines for me for books upcoming in 2010:
But now we are breaking out of the box! On our way to Morocco and then

Not sure.

I found this embedded on a friend’s blog, so I did what all good researchers do, I copped the URL. Yesterday was a good day for a melt down. I wasn’t in school and I had the time to fully appreciate the pressure of having three books due by year’s end. Today was a great

In search of Peace

If we’re going to the beach, you have to put on shoes.I don’t want to wear shoes.Here let me help you.I can’t find my shoes.Here’s one.I don’t want to wear those shoes.These are fine.I want my other shoes.Start with putting on socks.I don’t want socks.You need socks and shoes. It’s November.Where’s my purse?You don’t need

It’s Love/Hate

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The boy is right — seems like everyone either loves or hates the president — no middle ground. But unlike the way people either love or hate coconut, opinions swing wildly. I don’t know if that reflects the fact the president is a moving target (unlike the flavor of coconut

Austinburg Elementary School

Austinburg Elementary is old school. Literally. It is a very old school. Tall wooden windows, a gym with a real stage at one end, heavy wooden classroom doors. I couldn’t find an age on the building on-line, but I’m guessing the old girl is pulling up hard on a centennial. The steps into the

“Poetry makes me less scared”

Two fantastic schools in two weeks — Central Elementary in Edgewater, MD and Garfield Middle School in Lakewood, OH.
Today in Lakewood I met with the seventh graders, first in writing workshops and then for an assembly. In the course of our writing, one student observation stood out, “Poetry makes me less scared.” Shyly,


While trying to stay within the lines and not tearing the the pictures of baby Moses in the weeds with my crayon in Sunday school, I remember hearing that if you talk up the fact that you did a good deed, points get deducted from your naughty or nice permanent record. So, I’m going

First: Kill All the Teachers!

This past weekend provided a luxury of reading time as we visited with our friends Sarah Willis and Ron Antonucci in the vicinity of Chautauqua, NY. Hiking, naps, reading in the hammock – a restful way to welcome in the fall for three writer/teachers and a head librarian. Suzi even stretched her stick-fetching skills

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